Team Sports 4 All assist families who are going through financial and/or social hardship and identified as a family who would benefit from being involved in community team sport. Families are referred via community services organisations and schools. We pay for their registration fees and uniform costs but more importantly offer ongoing support via our volunteer sports mentors to encourage long term involvement in sport.

Cameron Dare


– TS4A Director – His primary responsibility with TS4A is Fundraising but is involved in many operational facets of TS4A including the Management Board.

Fiona Gathercole


-TS4A Director – She works closely with referred families and volunteers along with managing operations and assisting with growth planning and execution.




10 November 2021


Dr Daryl Moran


Some 600 young Australians served with the British Army’s Royal Flying Corps (RFC) during the Great War, many losing their lives. One young fighter-pilot from Melbourne who gave his life was 2nd Lt Lyle Buntine MC, the son of the Principal of Caulfield Grammar School. Lyle’s tragic accidental death, following gallant service as a fighter pilot during the Battle of the Somme, was notable in that his family preserved every letter, newspaper article, photograph and artefact associated with his life and active service. His extensive correspondence, which has never before been published, provides the basis for this book, which follows his life from his school days to active service in the fledgling RFC and to his untimely death. Lyle’s letters trace his voyage to and travels around England, his life as an officer in the British Army, his training adventures on primitive RFC aircraft and his combat experiences on the Western Front, including surviving being shot down six times! These letters bring to us a forgotten voice from the past resounding with humility and humour, coupled with absolute fear.






Dr Dorice Livingston


I finished my medical school September 3rd and on October 13th I did board examination called pre-internship examination whereby after results those who passed will be allowed to apply for internship. I plan to do my internship in Mwanza, it’s a lake zone region, where Lake Victoria which is one among the largest lakes in Africa is located. I will apply in the hospital where I studied because over there, there are lots of diseases compared to other regions of the country and there are also a lot of complications, diseases and many other complications concerning women.





SHANNON The Life and Times of an Exchange Student

Shannon Maloney, a former exchange student with the Rotary Club of Sandringham. Hosted by the Rotary Club of Lamorinda Sunrise (district 5160) in 1990 at the age of 17, Shannon will share with us her experiences with Rotary in the lead up to her exchange, her time as an exchange student living in the bay area of San Francisco and how this has shaped her career and life to now. Shannon is the daughter of past president Peter Maloney of the Rotary Club of Cheltenham.

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Roger & Carol Ward…

Micro Loans

all the way from Leeds in England.

They will talk and demonstrate Micro Loans using Kiva and the success of this helping in poor communities.

The have just celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary during lockdown.

Both worked at the University of Leeds and in early retirement decided to spend half their time in Thailand.

After being introduced to the Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin by Frank Anderson from Canada, a visiting Rotarian they were inducted into the Rotary Club of Aireborough in the Leeds Bradford area of the UK in 2018.

They will talk and demonstrate Micro Loans using Kiva and the success of this helping in poor communities.



The Official Visit

District Governor Dr Daryl and

Jenny Moran

Rotary InternationalPresident Shekhar Mehta is urging members to become more involved in service projects, saying that caring for and serving others is the best way to live, because it changes not only other people’s lives, but also our own.

Jenny’s DG Partner Project in 2021-22 will be to advocate for and support Days For Girls. Both Jenny and I are looking forward to working with you and serving Rotary in this District and beyond.

Colleen D’Offayfromthe Rotary Club of Brighton will show us why public speaking for secondary students is important.

BAYSPEAK is a youth public speaking competition for secondary school students around the Bayside region of Victoria run by the Rotary Clubs of Brighton, Brighton North and Sandringham.

It is designed for secondary school students who:•

Want to improve their public speaking skills;•

Want to test their public speaking ability against students from other schools in the Bayside area;•

Want to win cash prizes for the best speakers.

28th July 2021

Sacha Arthur

2013 was a formative year for me as I was sponsored by Cheltenham Rotary to participate in RYLA.

It was an inspiring, invigorating and educational week for me that lead me to take up any opportunity that came my way.

Throughout my studies, I received a scholarship from Cheltenham Rotary to participate in student exchange in Malaysia and also did a professional placement in Malaysia.

I have been to Vietnam on an International Sustainability Project and done an internship in Germany.

14th July 2021

Nicole Lewis-Jacobs

Nicole … The Soup Angel

The Soup Angel was started with the sole aim of reaching out to some of the most vulnerable people during the Covid Lockdown.

As the director of this organisation, she is a powerhouse who wants to spread the message of love and hope far and wide.

When she is not making warm bowls of hope and love for those who need it the most, she is busy being the mum of two lovely boys and a teacher in school.

30th June 2021

Rebecca Thwaites–

2014 RYLA graduate sponsoredby Cheltenham.Agirl from Leongatha who stayed at Newman college so she could study a Bachelorof Science in Chemistry at Melbourne University.

She is now a doctor.In 2014 she went toBrazil and helped renovate a school for the deaf. She tutored Somali children in Flemington. She is a dancer at heart.

As a researcher, Rebecca has collaboratedon some serious technical papers:Prenatal valproate exposure and adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes: Does sex matter?and The importance of adequate referrals for chronic kidney disease.

14th April 2021

Yimba Uganda’s tailoring classes.

These have stopped for the time being due to Covid-19, but some of the students have been making face masks and selling them to make an income.

A couple of weeks ago they had a huge order to supply masks for a factory and the girls worked hard to fulfil the order. They made over 1 month’s salary in 2 days for their efforts.

10 June 2020

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